1. The Troubled Flame Departed, Having No More To Say. Final Concert 2004.

  2. Waterspiegel - Short Film Soundtrack

  3. The Transcending Quest

  4. Twilight Of Perception 3

  5. Soundtrack For The Aquarium

  6. The Surreal Sanctuary/The Contemporary Nocturne

  7. An Opera For Four Fusion Works

  8. Tracers
    vidnaObmana & David Lee Myers

  9. Deep Unknown
    vidnaObmana & Brannan Lane

  10. The Shape Of Solitude
    vidnaObmana & Serge Devadder

  11. Variations for Organ, Keyboard & Processors
    vidnaObmana & Willem Tanke

  12. Echoes Of Steel Live
    vidnaObmana with Dreams In Exile

  13. Spirits
    vidnaObmana & Jan Marmenout

  14. True Stories
    vidnaObmana & Jeff Pearce

  15. Live on X-rated, KINK FM Hilversum The Netherlands. October 10th 2004.

  16. Live At Selesianské Theater Divadlo, Prague Tsjech Republic May 15th 2003

  17. Live At Rhiz, Vienna Austria. May 12th 2003.

  18. Live At M.O.P., München Germany, May 11th 2003

  19. Live At Dachgalerie, München Germany. May 10th 2003

  20. Live At Rex Theatre, Pittsburg USA. April 20th 2003.

  21. Live At The Icehouse, Bethlehem USA April 19th 2003

  22. Live At Gate To Moonbase Alpha, The Rotunda Philadelphia USA. April 18th 2003.

  23. Live At EMUSIC, Nazareth USA April 17th 2003

  24. Live At Cultural Center Luchtbal, Antwerpen Belgium. November 23rd 2002.

  25. Live At Paradiso, Amsterdam The Netherlands. October 30th 2002.

  26. Live At The Electric Gathering Festival, Stockholm Sweden. August 12th 2001.

  27. Live At Parkhöhle, Weimar Germany. June 23rd 2001.

  28. Live At The Wilde Auditorium, West-Hartford USA. November 6th 2000

  29. Live on Star's End, WXPN Philadelphia USA. November 5th 2000.

  30. Live on ECHOES / Living Room Concert Upper Darby, USA. November 3rd 2000

  31. Live At Cultural Center Luchtbal, Antwerpen Belgium. October 27th 2000

  32. Live At Cultural Center Jan Van Der Noot, Brecht Belgium. October 20th 2000

  33. Live In The Ruins Of Leofels Castle, Leofels Germany. August 18th 2000.

  34. Live At The Wilde Auditorium, West-Hartford USA. November 10th 1998.

  35. Live On Star's End, WXPN Philadelphia USA, November 8th 1998

  36. Live At The Gatherings, St. Mary's Church, Philadelphia USA. November 7th 1998.

  37. Live At Kunstencentrum België, Hasselt Belgium. September 19th 1997.

  38. Live At Deep Listenings, Italy July 8th 1997

  39. LIVE IV
    Principle Of Silence

  40. LIVE III
    Principle Of Silence

  41. LIVE II
    Principle Of Silence

  42. LIVE I
    Principle Of Silence

  43. The Spiritual Bonding

  44. Still Fragments

  45. Echoing Delight

  46. Parallel Flaming
    vidnaObmana & Djen Ajakan Shean

  47. Untitled
    vidnaObmana & Asmus Tietchens

  48. Ending Mirage

  49. Shadowing In Sorrow

  50. Passage In Beauty

  51. Refined On Gentle Clouds

  52. Near The Flogging Landscape

  53. Towards The Enfolding Flower

  54. Gathering In Frozen Beauty

  55. Landscape In Obscurity (1989)

  56. Monument Of Empty Colours
    vidnaObmana & PBK

  57. Depression And Ideal
    PBK & vidnaObmana

  58. The San Bernardino Sessions
    Vidna Obmana & PBK

  59. LIVE USA 1989

  60. Experience Artaud

  61. Untitled
    vidnaObmana & Big City Orchestra

  62. The Ambient Wax Ritual

  63. Burnpassion/Inferno

  64. Testament Of Tape II

  65. The Face That Must Die

  66. Techno-Toxic Embryo
    Death Pact International

  67. The Last Faith

  68. From The Beast Inside

  69. Bleeding Wounds/Only Fear Will Survive

  70. Hope And Die

  71. Hemorrhage

  72. Unnames

  73. The Beast Of Non-Discipline/Desire

  74. No Sacrifice

  75. No Sacrifice For The Weakling

  76. The Ultimated Sign Of Burning Death



Initiated in 1984. Using synthesizers, electronics, outboard processing gear and an array of exotic instruments, Belgian electronic musician Vidna Obmana creates an extended musical journey through rhythms, soundworlds and sonic atmospheres.
Built a diverse body of work, ranging from post-industrial to gently atmospheric, tribal ambient to more traditional forms. Officially retired in 2007.